Our Business

"La Mia Casa is a full-service residential brokerage representing sellers, buyers, renters, landlords, and developers of luxury properties."


Each of our advisors offers exceptional insight into numerous areas of our business, ensuring that every La Mia Casa listing makes the most compelling impression on the marketplace.

Showroom Porta Romana
Showroom Porta Romana Milano
3,500 €/mese
Residenza Il Lizzo
Residenza Il Lizzo Lerici
390,000 €
Appartamento Vivaio
Appartamento Vivaio Milano
2,450 €/Mese
Mansarda La Serra
Mansarda La Serra Lerici
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Our Customers

La Mia Casa is trusted by customers to close deals efficiently at the most advantageous prices. Whether working with local, national, or international clients, La Mia Casa streamlines the process to make every sale as seamless as possible. For prestige properties La Mia Casa based on the private banking service model offers sellers the specialized attention, confidentiality, expertise, and customized marketing they expect and deserve.

Our Partners